5 Awesome Workouts to do with A Punching Bag

Most people think you can only punch a heavy punching bag. But we’ve got 5 awesome and complete workouts you can do with your heavy punching bag.

Few workouts let you feel the level of badassery that a punching bag gives you. Men and women get to channel their Muhammad Ali or Laila Ali.

Attractive Female Punching A Bag With Boxing Gloves On

It’s an incredible way to supercharge your metabolism and burn some fat, all while getting some pent up aggression out of your system.

But it goes way beyond “left, right, repeat.” There are literally countless punching bag workouts that you can use in any situation.

Here’s a few:

1. At the Gym and in a Hurry

There’s often a line up to use the punching bag at the gym. So you want to be able to get in a complete, but quick workout, so people don’t start checking their watches demonstratively behind you.

So let’s get you shredded in 15 minutes:

  • The Warm-Up: Warm up for 3 minutes away from the bag, with a jump rope or treadmill
  • 1-minute break
  • Phase 1- Jab, Cross: Throw a series of alternating jabs and crosses for 3 minutes
  • 1-minute break
  • Phase 2- Jab, Cross, Hook: Throw a series of jabs, crosses, and hooks for 3 minutes
  • 1-minute break
  • Phase 3- Boxing blasts: Time to throw the knockout punches. Throw heavy punches to the 4 corners of the bag for 3 minutes.

And you’re done.

2. In Your Basement, All By Yourself With a Punching Bag

This is an incredible exercise you can do in your basement with an exercise bike. It’s simple and it will get you going.

Simply hit the bag with any combination of punches and kicks for 3 minutes, then hop on the bike for 3 more minutes to rest your arms, while keeping your heart rate up.

This is great interval training, which will help 30 minutes just fly by because you’re mixing things up and always moving.

3. Building Hurting Bombs

Build arm strength and punching power by adding free weights to your hands while you punch, or utilizing resistance tubing.

This may not feel like a big jump… for the first 30 seconds or so. After that, you feel it. You will give your arms the workout of a lifetime.

4. With Help From a Partner

No matter which routine you choose, it’s better to do it with a partner. Choose someone to be the Apollo to your Rocky. They can be there to log your time, keep you motivated, and make sure you’re accountable to your own fitness goals.

So take any routine, and cut the interval time in half, but double the intensity. Doing it in tandem means you’ll have a bit more time to rest, so you can go harder if you’re alternating turns.

Pretty soon you two will be ready for your own 80s themed training montage.

5. Go Straight Up Rocky 4

Remember all those training scenes in Rocky 4?

The Italian Stallion worked with what he had. No fancy gyms, or even a ring to train in Russia. He had no excuses, so neither should you.

Do a 3 minute (a round) on the heavy bag, then hit the ground for another 3 minutes where you simply max out your push ups, sit ups, and squats.

It’s rugged, it’s simple, and it’s cheap (free). And it will make Mickey proud.

If you need any help, equipment or gear, we have got you covered! Click here to see what’s new.

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