Biryani Recipes – Types of Biryani & the Ways to Cook Them!

Biryani – semi cooked rice mixed with curry, spices, mean and/ or eggs – also known as biriyani or biryani is a favorite dish among Sri Lankans – it is also quite famous around the world. If you are looking for the a good Biryani recipe, be it chicken, mutton, vege, egg or prawn, you may be breaking your head trying to figure out which one to start with.

Yes, Biryani recipes are in abdundant and it can be quite overwhelming to make the decision, but on this page, we hope to bring clarity to your Biryani cravings. It’s recommended to narrow down the right Biryani recipe by starting in the following order:

  1. Choose the Type
  2. Choose the Cooking Method
  3. Choose Your Meat

Continue reading to get more information and understanding on the above process to start making your Biryani today!

Chicken or mutton Biryani and watalappam – is a popular combo in weddings, festivals and special events – especially among Muslims – not just in Sri Lanka but all over the world.

How many of you remember the KFC Biryani ad that was quite viral a few years ago?


Types of Biryani

There are countless types of biryani, one can get confused. Here’s an article that shows 24 different types of Biryani around the world. (Fun Fact, Sri Lankan Biryani is in the list)

In Sri Lanka, selected few types of biryani are quite popular

Dum Biryani

Samba Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani

Pot Biryani

Middle Eastern Biryani

Ways to Cook Biryani

There are different ways to cook biriyani- all the way from traditional wood fire, clay pots, gas cookers, pressure cookers rice cookers & more. Without trying to prove how great we are at making biriyani (which we are not), we have compiled a list of popular youtube recipes on making Biryani using different equipment.

Using Gas or Induction Cooker

This is the basic method . As you would notice, all recipes provide instructions to cook Biryani primarily on the gas cooker or an induction cooker. There are other methods as well.

Wood Fire


Using Rice Cooker

A rice cooker can be quite convenient and time saving. Not only does it save your time on gas, but it helps you be more precise in your timings thanks to the features that come in a rice cooker.


Using Electric Multi Cooker / Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers and the new electric multi cookers have been entering kitchens quite fast in the past few months when compared to the past few years.

Time to Make Your Biryani

Have you decided on which Biryani recipe to start with following the 3 step selection process

  1. Choose the Type
  2. Choose the Cooking Method
  3. Choose Your Meat

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