About laabai.lk – Our Short Story

You need stuff. We have stuff.

No time. No petrol. School Traffic. Work traffic. Hate buses…. …No problem… We deliver to your doorstep… ISLANDWIDE!

Not sure if it’s the thing. No credit card… …No problem… Pay with Cash on Delivery…

Too expensive…? Son, we are Laabai.

Laabai.lk is now exclusively dedicated to serving your household and kitchenware needs.

We have been serving your needs as an e-commerce platform since 2012, giving you the best in terms of price and quality.

Now, we are pooling all our resources and dedication to bring you the best quality for the best price in household and kitchenware range, because who are we kidding?

Your home comes first.

Don’t worry; we are still the same people. We’ve just grown up.