Bank Deposit
You can deposit the invoice amount to one of our bank accounts and confirm with us by call, email, Whatsapp or Facebook. We will then ship the goods to you as soon as we verify the payment.

* Please note that until you deposit to the bank, the stock will not be reserved. It’s advised that you call us just before you put the deposit to the bank to ensure stock availability.

Cash on Delivery
As the name says, you pay the full amount at the point of delivery.

* Please note that Cash on Delivery is not available in certain regions due to lack of service providers in that region.

Online Payment

We accept Visa / Mastercard / American Express / EZ Cash / MCash / Sampath Vishwa.

*All payments online are processed by Dialog Genie & WebXPay.

*** Also note that if you are paying from outside the country, or if we have a doubt in the transaction with relation to card ownership, we might ask for more details for verification purposes. This is an internationally approved verification method used by other payment processors as well.

Pay at Office

You can also visit our store at make the payment via Cash or Card.