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Pressure Cookers - A Sri Lankan Buyers Guide

With a wide range of distinct varieties of pressure cookers available in the market, one can get easily distracted. Which pressure cooker is best for me? To help you with that, we have assembled for you the best guide for choosing a suitable pressure cooker for you. We have gone through the prominent features that need to be considered when buying a pressure cooker. Here is what you need to look for.


Remember, you can only fill the pressure cooker 2/3 times its total capacity because filling it fully may cause the valves to jam that prevents steam to escape out. Keeping that in mind, consider how many people you plan to serve the food and choose a pressure cooker accordingly.

Build material

The two most common types of pressure cookers that you'll come across when shopping for one are the stainless steel and aluminum pressure cookers. Under such a scenario, always go for the stainless steel ones because low-end aluminum pressure cookers are more soft and prone to deformation. Not only that, but aluminum pressure cookers are also reactive with food being cooked in it. As a result, it may change the taste of acidic foods like lemon and wine, etc.

Safety features

A good pressure cooker clearly understands the related safety concerns. Therefore, modern pressure cookers come with valve steam to expel the extra steam in case excess of pressure in the container. Apart from that, another safety feature lets the excess steam out from the lid of the cooker. There is no need to compromise on your and other's safety by choosing a low-end orthodox pressure cooker.

Pressure Indicator

As the name suggests, the pressure cooker is all about maintaining the pressure. The recommended pressure for cookers is estimated to be 15 pounds per square inch. Since you don’t want to ruin your dishes, select a pressure cooker that meets the following pressure. To ensure that, your pressure cookers need to have a precise pressure indicator to keep you notified of current pressure in the container which is crucial for cooking the food properly.

Price of replacements parts

Manufacturers suggest changing the rubber gasket of the cooker every year since it can wear out after constant use. Other than that, there is a chance your cooker might get damaged somehow. Therefore, whatever type of pressure cooker you choose, make sure it has replacement parts available in the market and that too at a reasonable price.

Rule-out non-stick coatings

Non-stick coatings are more prone to scratches and get damaged more easily. Also, such a surface doesn't last for very long. So, avoid spending money on a non-stick coated pressure cooker.

Reputable manufacturer

It’s best to buy from an established manufacturer since that exempts any doubts regarding the reliability and credibility of a pressure cooker. Also, a good manufacturer might give you warranties or guarantees for the product.


A pressure cooker is a good investment in terms of money and comfort that pays off in the form of health, time-effectiveness, and savings. Since it is not the equipment that you buy every day, make sure to make the correct selection. Hopefully, our guide to buying a suitable pressure cooker will help you do that.

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